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A few last touches left to do in the bathroom. More pictures on their way.

Ceilings are 3.35 meters (11 feet) so we decided to also go high with the shower glass panel and mirror to make the eye follow. Because the shower panel would not fit through the front door the builders had to get creative.. (See picture below) The builders ended up having to attach the 8 foot sheet of glass to a secure rope and lift it over the top of our balcony.

Huge thanks to Creative Glass Studio in London for making this possible.

heigh ceiling bathroom      

Fine carpentry

Georgian gallery roomGeorgian exposed brick wall     Georgian fire place reinstated

The chimney breast sketchup was edited about 10 times but the engineers were finally able to give us what we wanted- a perfect nook for our hob and a little extra countertop space.

Made-to-fit closets are in in, dressing room is about 70% finished. Paintings, cornices, and fixings to follow.

S/O to my wife for project managing the fine details while I was in Stockholm.